About us

We are a professionally qualified team having the ambition to apply our experience and knowledge in the best possible manner for the benefit of our clients.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with multi-functional solutions which help to support and develop their business. We are focused on providing services of a high quality through applying an individual approach to our clients and by taking into consideration all the data and requirements of their businesses.

Our advantages are energy, exactness, flexibility and creativity in the services we provide. Our goal is to set up long-term and mutually beneficial business relations with our clients.

Our clients can rely on our professional skills, responsibility and loyalty while we are looking after their interests and money.


Phone: +359.888.144.141; E-mail: office@eliaconsult.com elia_consult@abv.bg

Our Services

The company offers a vast range of services which could be provided both individually or as a package of services depending on the preferences and the necessities of the client.

Accounting Services - managing the accounts of the client's company in accordance with the Bulgarian accounting and tax legislation, organizing and maintenance of the accounting state of the company, developing and maintenance of individual chart of accounts, maintaining and update of the accounting register on the synthetic and analytic levels required, processing the documentation of the company, handing in the VAT monthly reports in conformity with the legislation in force, settling the company's accounts and preparation of their annual financial statements in accordance with the requirements of the Accounting law, National Accounting Standards as well as International Accounting Standards.

Social securities & Employees - maintaining a data base of the personnel, preparation of individual files for the personnel, preparation of employees' contracts and records, social securities and their accrual and payment to the state. Preparation of application forms and declarations required by the National Social Institute.

Financial Analysis - analysis of the economic activity of the company with a view to supporting the client in taking strategic decisions.

Taxation - helping the client to implement economic and tax efficient practices, review and analysis of the business activities of the company for compliance with tax legislation, tax planning, personal taxation, tax forms and declarations.

Legal Advice - Preparation and analysis of contracts with suppliers, clients and financial institutions, registration of companies.

Audit - financial statements audit, compliance of the accounting with the regulatory legislation, internal audit of the company.